Lawn Mowing Tips and Advice

Cutting the lawn is the most time consuming part of lawn care. It seems sensible to do it correctly. Cutting grass short reduces rooting depth which in turn reduces the water the plant gets, this can cause stress, weakness and possible death of grasses during the dry spells. Mowing once a week will produce a much denser turf than if you mow every 2 weeks. Never remove more than one third of the grass bade on any one occasion. If your lawn mower is set for 1″ cut which is an ideal mowing height you must mow at or before the grass gets to 1½” whether that’s 4 days or 8 days before cut. In very dry weather raise the cut up one setting. Remember mowing height is a compromise between getting the superb looking lawn you want, allowing the grass enough leaf to be healthy and look greener.

Cut your grass as regular as you can, never cut too much off at any one time.
Probably stop cutting your grass at the end of May and start back again in August.