Optional Treatments

We take on domestic and commercial work from small patches of garden to specialist sports turf. Below are the treatments that are not included in the package and are optional extras.

Top Dress and Over Seed*From £00

Has lots of benefits from thickening the sward to helping level the ground. Can be used to introduce different grass varieties to the lawn. Can sometimes be necessary after a vigorous Mechanical invasive treatment. As a cost guide, good quality soil is not so expensive and nor is good quality seed.

*Price varies depending on amount needed, although this treatment usually doesn’t cost a lot.

Exotic Pest£20

There are some pest that require special attention are considered exotic for this reason. They are not very common but we do have a lot of experience dealing with them. We break the life cycle of these pest and also sometime might have to introduce predators to do this.

Soil PH Alteration£30

Soil analysis may show that your soil is in the wrong or not ideal ph range for a healthy lawn. We change the ph of your lawn over a slow period as this enables the plants and soil bacteria to adapt with being shocked.

Growth Inhibitor£20

Maybe you are going on holiday and don’t want to come home to a jungle or you have a holiday home that you visit only so often. We slow the growth of your lawn down to a minimum. Meaning you don’t have to mow as often.

Exotic Weeds£20

These are the varieties that require very special treatment to control. We have the technology to remove these problematic weeds and stop them from returning.


The best thing to remove moss and thatch from your lawn, normally carried out a few weeks after a moss treatment. If you have a big moss problem this will sort things out.


Relieves compaction and makes thousands of holes in the lawn that act like drainpipes. A lot of lawn problems can be cured with this treatment especially if it hasn’t been done for some time. Great for strong roots, gas exchange, deep water and nutrient intake promoting a deeper root system, overall strength in the lawn.

Driveway and Patio de-weed£20

We use a natural product that is safe for use with children and pets. It is a translocated product so it gets into the weeds system and completely destroys it. This product very quickly bio-degrades and becomes safe for soil to be reused or replanted. We will kill and eliminate all weeds on your patio and driveway and keep them weed free for 12months.

Special Deal£150

Because we have to travel to and from properties, it naturally cost us less to do our mechanical work on the same day. If you want us to scarify, aerate, top dress and re-seed at the same time, then we offer this lower price package for your lawn that will create the best possible conditions, or a starting point for an excellent lawn.

If you already have a £72 treatment package from us or take one out on the same day, this will make your lawn look like a professionally prepared green. This is probably your best bet if your garden is a jungle and can be much cheaper that re-turfing.