About us

We are experts in the field of lawn care, with years full of experience, we are actually mad about lawns!

Our family has been in the lawn care and tree care industry for over 3 generations. We are family run and operated.

We are fully city and guilds qualified and carry all necessary certificates to operate safely on your property and observe watercourses. We are fully compliant with UK HSE and DEFRA laws and regulations.

We have seen everything, from weeds, moss, size, shape, pest, insects, good condition, bad condition, hard to reach places. Nothing will surprise us or even phase us.

Our own lawns at home are beautiful and we will treat your lawn as if it was our own. Using both old fashioned tried and tested techniques as well as modern up to date latest research and findings to produce lush green lawns.

MadAboutLawns are different from other companies because we do what is best for your lawn regardless of how many times we have to visit it.

We charge for 12 months all inclusive because if you had to pay for every visit and treatment individually it could prove to become very expensive. Depending on your lawn we might have to visit it every week until we have it under control and healthy.

This is our passion, skill and expertise. When we see a rich looking green velvet lawn we can say job well done. This is where amazing results, good quality of service and low prices meet. You can’t put a price on expertise and experience.

The products we use are of superior quality licensed for professional use and are not available to buy in D.I.Y. stores, they are organic, instantly pet and children safe.

We are all about satisfied customers who give us repeat business year after year and are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

The following are included in the £72 package. At MadAboutLawns we:

  • Make your grass lush green and beautiful to the envy of all your neighbors.
  • Kill moss, weeds, disease and pests.
  • Strengthen and harden the blades so that they become more resilient to disease, weeds and pest.
  • Provide aeration and scarification.
  • Revitalize and condition soil beds.
  • Solve dry patch problems.
  • Repair bald spots.

All you have to do is mow, we even have a slow grow treatment that can stop your grass from growing so you don’t have to mow it very often, (this treatment can be helpful if you are planning a holiday and don’t want to return to a jungle).

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