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What Are The Best Ways Of Dealing With Moss?

Dealing with moss. Moss is usually found in conjunction with other problems in your lawn.  Whilst everyone will experience a slight amount of moss in the lawn, especially during the winter.  Heave and dense moss is part of a snowballing of problems, where one problem creates another and then another.  It starts with maybe a bad environment or bad conditions that lead to thatch, the thatch is left to become thicker and this leads to disease forming, afterwards it attracts pests like leather jackets or chafer grubs, these create more thatch and then because the soil is low on air and water your grassroots can no longer survive.  Your grass starts to die off even faster and moss will take over, spreading and taking advantage of the weakening grass.

The only way to deal with this is to turn back the hands of time and start to remove each layer that has formed, scarifying the moss and thatch, start to introduce air and water to revive the soil and then add grass seed to fight the problems with fresh grass.  Remove the original conditions that created the moss in the first place and you will have a good lawn.

In conclusion, moss is a unique type of plant that is known for its ability to thrive in damp, shady areas, its unique water retention abilities, and its ability to absorb pollutants. Although moss can be a problem in lawns, it can also be beneficial in certain environmental applications. A moss-free lawn can be obtained by removing it manually and with the use of moss killers.