All Inclusive Program

“The treatments below are all taken care of in this package” with no extra cost for a full 12 month period, “you wouldn’t have to pay for every individual call out. Packages can start at any time of year!”

Moss Control

Most gardens we visit have a lot of moss. We get rid of the moss and then control it to make sure it doesn’t return or make a future appearance. We look at the reasons why there is a moss problem and then tackle this to promote overall lawn health.

Weed Control

Weed-free lawn! Weeds are constantly being introduced to your lawn by the wind and also wildlife, some will grow back every year others will only last a season.

The different types of weeds require different types of treatment. We examine your lawn and identify all the different weed varieties present, then we treat them and continue controlling them to prevent them from returning.

Disease Control

Not everybody has a disease but they can make an appearance from time to time. When we spot them we know exactly what to do and how to treat them and prevent them from coming back.

Fungus Control

There are quite a few types of fungus and they are usually caused by poor lawn health. We cure the affected areas and then treat the cause of the problem thus preventing any re-growth.

Pest Control

Every lawn has to some degree wanted living creatures, but on occasion they can become pest. We spot problems and after controlling the problem we prevent it from reoccurring.

Dry Patch Control

Is a soil condition and can sometimes be a result of a fungus infection. Dry patch can have varying levels of severity and sometimes the soil can become water repellant. We can fix this problem and monitor the soil to prevent it from happening again.

Bald-spot Fix

Normally caused by accidents like cutting the lawn too close or scalping. Can be present in parts of the lawn that get too much or too little water/ Sunshine and by having the wrong strain of grass in that area. Sometimes can occur after an invasive treatment like scarifying or aerating.

Lawn Colour

A good indicator to us about the health of your lawn, and as your lawn grows in health a lush velvet green will be the result, instead of yellow brown and a bit of green.


The right nutrients need to be made available to the grass plant in the right quantities and at the right time. We use different macro and micro nutrients throughout the year as the seasons change.

We match the soil type with the local weather conditions and the season to give the plants the best of everything. We can also spot specific nutrient deficiency problems and fix them.


Soil systems thrive when the micro organisms are performing at there peak. The soils micro chemical processes are important in the exchange of gases, breakdown of organic material and health of the grass plant roots. We cultivate the microbiological sub culture in your lawn to help promote a healthy root system.

In our experience over 90% of people will only need the £72 complete 12 months all inclusive package. Exotic weeds and pest do exist but they are not very common and most peoples lawns won’t suffer from them. Fill out our free survey and let us know how we can help you. We will recommend the best package for you.