Fusarium Patch

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Fusarium disease

Also known as Fusarium Patch or Pink Snow Mold. Is a common fungal disease that affects lawns, particularly in cool and damp conditions. The disease can cause discoloured, brown patches to appear on the grass. If left untreated can lead to the death of the affected areas of the lawn.

The fungus that causes Fusarium patch thrives in cool and moist conditions. Making spring and autumn the most common times for the disease to appear. The fungus can survive in the soil for extended periods of time and can be spread by mowing equipment and water.

Symptoms of Fusarium disease include circular patches of discoloured, brown grass that can range in size from a few inches to several feet. The patches will typically have a pink or tan colour and may appear to be matted or flattened. The grass in the affected areas will appear stunted and may be easily pulled from the soil.

To prevent Fusarium disease, it is important to maintain a healthy lawn by providing it with the proper nutrients and maintaining proper mowing and watering practices. Additionally, it’s important to avoid over-watering and to remove any debris or thatch that may be present on the lawn.

If your lawn does develop Fusarium disease. The best course of action is to apply a fungicide specifically formulated to treat the disease. It’s important to follow the instructions on the fungicide package and apply it at the appropriate time. It’s also important to address the underlying causes of the disease. Such as poor drainage, heavy thatch or shade to help prevent future outbreaks.

In addition to fungicide treatment, you can also improve the health of your lawn by applying a balanced fertilizer, aerating, and over-seeding to help the lawn recover from the damage caused by the disease.

Overall, Fusarium disease is a common fungal disease that can affect lawns, particularly in cool and damp conditions. By following proper lawn care practices and treating the disease with a fungicide, you can help prevent and control the spread of Fusarium disease, and keep your lawn looking lush and healthy.